Advantages and Disadvantages of a Republican Government

Everyone hears the words republican and democrat when it comes time for elections. But, very few people understand what republican means and the implications a republican government can have on society. Many countries are republics. For example, the United States of America is a republic country. No one can likely say a republic government is the best for any country. It does come with its advantages and disadvantages. This essay is about some of these advantages and disadvantages.

What is a republican government? The word republic, originates from the Latin word “res publica”. This is a government where the people of country do things for their benefit and not for the benefit of a ruler or king. In this type of government, the authority is derived from the people. For example, in the US, governmental power it given over by the citizens of the country as per the US Constitution. As with a democracy, the people choose a representative and this representative is entrusted to run the country for a specific period.

The advantages of a republican government are as follows. The selected representative works for the good for the country and its people. This representative speaks and acts on behalf of the people. While representing the people, the elected official does not make any laws that can benefit only the representative. These laws should benefit the people as a whole. The people of the country are unable to implement laws as they do not have time nor the inclination to know all there is to know about the country. However, the elected official is able to do this as it is his/her job. The elected official is able to formulate laws faster as this is what the people entrusted the official to do. By electing an official to represent the people, the people are able to voice their opinions in government. The people decide what the officials should do by communicating their ideas with the officials. As the representatives are elected by the people, if at the end of the term, the people are not satisfied with the representative they can vote a new representative and take the other one out.

Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages to a republican government. For example, most often, republican governments work in small countries where there are fewer numbers of people. It is easier to run a country when every person knows the other. A small country with few people, make it easier to work for the common good of the people. Sometimes, a republican government may not work if the country is too big. In addition, in a republican government, there can be no great difference between wealth, beliefs, and the way of life. These factors need to be the same with very little difference. If there is too much difference to wealth, beliefs and way of life, there can be discord between the people and no one will be able to see eye to eye. When this happens people will work against each other, rather than working for the common good of the country.

Many countries, including the USA are republican governments. Although some countries have failed while being republican, others have flourished. The reasons for this are how the governments are run and how educated its people are. however, even with all this, the advantages and disadvantages do make a significant impact.