How does Social Anxiety Disorder Affect Daily Life?

When it comes to phobias, there are a number of them that need explaining. Most people believe these phobias are fictional or all in the mind of the person. But, phobias are real. They terrorize the person affected and can make life a living hell for them. Some phobias are extremely common, while others are not. One type of common phobia that we have heard about, quite a lot is social anxiety disorder. It is the third largest psychological problem in the US. This essay will discuss the repercussions of having anxiety disorder and how it affects a person’s life.

What is social anxiety disorder? This is a phobia which a person has extreme fear of being in social situations. It is where a person is afraid of being judged and embarrassed. It is not the type of fear that comes from standing up on a public podium and giving a speech. It is much bigger than this. Feeling nervous about giving a speech, for most, comes only on the day or a few days preceding the event. However, for people with social anxiety disorder, this fear is felt from the time he or she hears about it. A person with this phobia is constantly worried about being out in public, of being embarrassed while being in public and constantly feels she is being judged by others. People with social phobias are afraid of eating in public, using a restroom in a public place, and might even be afraid to sign a check in front of someone else. This is not a fear they can control although they know it is unfounded.

So much of a person’s life is affected by this disorder. For example, as a fear of being judged and watched and criticized is common, a person may not be able to hold a stable job. He or she will be constantly on edge, at work, may not be in a position to meet customers or talk to associates. This can affect his or her work life. People, although who did not judge him or her at first, will begin to do so and stay clear of this person. This will affect this person’s ability to do his or her work and before long, he or she, may be asked to stop work.

Social anxiety disorder also affects a person’s personal life. The inability of the person to look at a person directly or to talk to a person affects his or her ability to communicate and form personal relationships. This will affect his or her life where there are no friends, no relationships, sexual or otherwise. It can be very difficult for that person to speak to someone and be with someone.

The fear of social situations is a constant and this prompts the need to soothe themselves with a glass of wine or whiskey. A number of people with this disorder drink to soothe their nerves. This can lead to alcoholism which can result in worse problems than before.

There is treatment for social anxiety disorder. This comes in the way of therapy and medication. However, a person with this disorder needs to face his or her problem first in order to get treatment. Proper treatment can treat the disorder and enable the person to live a normal life.