How to Overcome Racism

    Racism is quite evident in the present world today. Every person has witnessed some form of racism. It can be done subtly or it can be downright “in your face” racism. We are not born racists. Racism is inbred in us through others. Hatred or dislike for someone because their skin was different or their eyes were differently shaped is not something we know from birth. This is taught to us. Racism affects everyone involved in it no matter whether it is done outright or subtly. Racism is wrong. So, how can it be overcome? Overcoming racism is not easy, although there are many ways to do so. Here are a few of them.

    Racist slurs or jokes are common when in a gathering. Some enjoy hearing them and others enjoying telling them. These are racists. Others ignore them. They too are racists as they do not say anything in defence. When this happens, the person making the slurs and jokes is encouraged to proceed further. Staying silent is a way of being racist. Language and actions on racism should be handled then and there. It should be stopped. The person responsible for the slurs and jokes should be made to understand that it is not nice to speak that way and that such manners are not welcome and appropriate. So, the easiest method of helping overcome racism is to be ready when someone says or does something racist.

    Respecting others despite their differences is necessary to overcome racism. This means teaching everyone to do so despite the differences to the color of skin and background and religion. This teaching should begin when children are small although it is never too late to teach someone about preventing racism. Children follow adults’ examples. Therefore, having a parent or a close friend or relative they admire make racial remarks at others may be mimicked by them. If they are not told that this is not the right thing to do, they will grow up to be racists themselves, as they did not know better. They form gangs in schools that target different people. They bully them, harass them and sometimes, may even kill them. Racism is not worth losing a life over. It is not worth going to prison for. People are different. Everyone should deal with it.

    Victims of racism are not someone else’s problem. They are yours. Racial prejudice should not be ignored. A person who stands up against racism, even in a small way, is a brave person and should be commended. Everyone should stand up against racism. Standing up against racism and helping victims of it and pointing out the errors is an excellent method of preventing and overcoming racism. Unfortunately, there are very few people like that in the world today. Very few people stand up and fight for the rights of others. However, when they do, they make a world of difference.

    Racism is so much a part of our lives that sometimes we don’t see it. These racists forget that everyone is born equal. Every religion teaches us about respect. So, why are we unable to respect others despite their differences?