Media – Good or Bad Thing?

    There are several negative and positive aspects of mass media. Firstly, media provide society news and information. Because of its reach all over the world, media targets a global audience. Any person, anywhere in the world, can obtain information about anything through these mass media methods. Media is also easily accessible. For example, a person who wants to know about a business venture can click a few keys on his keyboard and obtain information regarding the venture easily via the internet. A teenager who wants to obtain information about a rock star can walk to the nearest news stand and purchase a magazine printed especially for this purpose. Media educates people on right and wrong. This is an extreme requirement in today’s society. Many people in today’s world are unaware of their basic rights. They are educated about their rights through mass media methods. Mass media are also beneficial in marketing products that were originally produced for regional consumption which can now be marketed in a larger scale very easily.

    Along with the positive effects of the media, there are also some negative factors that need mentioning. Media, without proper authority, provides the masses incorrect information. This can lead people going astray. Incorrect information can lead to great uprisings that can cause unrest and even war between countries. Media can also manipulate and influence the masses. For example, a political party can use media to influence society and use this in their favor. In addition, sometimes, media can be extremely biased. A journalist who favors one person can write his/her articles in such a way that the masses also favor the person mentioned. Similarly, the journalist can also write negatively about another person and have the masses turn against him. The media have been known to sensationalize various occurrences to grab the attention of the masses. Information may be exaggerated or untrue. This can also mislead the public. The media can also influence adolescents in the wrong way leading them in the wrong path.

    It is very important for media to ensure that they provide the right information to society. Media can work in many ways to provide positive effects to society. For example, information should be researched thoroughly before being printed and sent out to society. The facts should be gathered, evidence should be double-checked and only true information should be shown to the public so that they are not lead astray with incorrect information. Media should not be biased. Journalists should write information with a clear, unbiased mind and not favor one party or person. Media should be used to educate people on life and their rights.

    Media have the power to influence society in the positive way possible. The media serve a vital purpose in our lives. It is the bridge that connects the governing bodies and the general public. Its job is to educate, entertain and inform society. If the media does a proper job, society will be better informed with the right information, understand the problems of others and may be able to provide possible solutions to these problems.