Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Dispelling the Myths

There are many people who don’t believe that post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD exists. But, a majority of people do suffer from this psychological condition. What is PTSD? This is a psychological condition that occurs after a terrible, horrifying ordeal. This ordeal can be something that occurred at once, such as, an accident, or something that occurred over a lifetime, such as, sexual abuse. A person who suffers from PTSD may even not have gone through the ordeal. It could have happened to someone he or she cares about. Whatever the incidents and occurrences, post traumatic stress disorder does exist. However, there are also many myths related to PTSD. This essay is about some of these myths.

One of the myths that surround PTSD is that only people weak in the mind get the disorder. This is so not true. PTSD has nothing to do with how tough or delicate a person is. For example, did you know that the majority of PTSD victims are military? These are some of the toughest people we know. PTSD has nothing to do with how weak a person is. It has everything to do with how a person’s brain reacts or responds to traumatic events. Every military person, who has been through any type of trauma during a war, has been known to report of PTSD. Many military leaders, in fact, have come forward to say that they have had PTSD. So, the myth that PTSD occurs only in the weak should be dispelled.

Many people judge PTSD sufferers simply by what they know. One of the myths that many people argue about regarding PTSD is that it is all in the head. This myth too is not true. Traumatic events have been known to change brain functions. This affects how a person reacts to his or her environment. The changes that occur, in a person’s psychology, are impossible to fake. This is a fact. So, post traumatic stress disorder is not in the mind. It is a very real psychological disorder.

Then, there are people who also believe that any traumatic experience will bring about PTSD. This too, is untrue. For a person to develop PTSD, he or she has to go through significant stress which alters the brain functions. This depends on the person and how much trauma he or she has seen or experienced. So, not everyone who has a traumatic experience or experiences will develop PTSD. This, once again, depends on other factors too. For example, past history and genetics too come into play regarding the development of PTSD.

Once a person gets past PTSD, he or she will wonder if there is treatment available for this disorder. The answer is, yes there is, and the treatment works. Decades of research into PTSD have come up with many methods of successful treatment. These include cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive processing therapy among others. There are also medications available that have been known to reduce the symptoms associated with this disorder.

With so much information regarding post traumatic stress disorder and its treatment, one cannot just ignore this disorder and consider it a fake. PTSD does exist. It is a disorder that many people suffer with and it is a disorder that can be treated.