Psychology Essay – Causes of Teenage Suicide

In many countries, suicide is the leading or second leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. The suicide rate of teenagers per year is at an all-time high and is rising in alarming proportions. Yes, the teen years are difficult for many teenage boys and girls. But, these are temporary problems. Although many teenagers understand this, some do not. This can lead to suicide. However, there are many other causes of teenage suicide. This essay is about some of these causes.

Disappointments are a common part of life. Everyone has to go through various types of disappointments. However, for teenagers, some of these disappointments are unbearable. For example, life can be unbearable for a teenage girl who is rejected by her friends. A breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be devastating to some. Low grades are a major disappointment for some students and suicide is often considered as they are unable to face their teachers or parents. Although these circumstances are not the main causes of suicide, they do contribute significantly to its cause.

There are many other causes for teenage suicide. For example, stressors, pressure, confusion and worries about themselves and their worthiness also plague many teenagers. Most feel they are not good enough or not as popular or as good-looking as others. These, although not important to adults, are extremely important issues to teenagers. These common problems can also trigger thoughts of suicide. It is then, just a matter of time before these thoughts become actual deeds. Parental divorce, move to different places and different schools and moving in with new family can also trigger suicide.

Many teenagers also commit suicide if they are sexually or physically abused. Most often, this is done by a family member and the pressure of keeping these acts a secret can be unbearable for many teenagers. Teenagers also feel that it is their fault they were abused and they are not “good”. Sometimes, watching a family member get abused regularly can also cause them to consider suicide simply to get out of a difficult and horrendous situation. Unconsciously, they believe that the person is being abused because of them and the only way to stop the abuse is to take their lives.

Many teenagers also suffer from the depression. This is a mental illness that causes feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness. Depression is extremely common among teenagers who face violence and abuse at home and school. These teenagers lack the moral support necessary to get out of the situation they are in and suicide is their next best attempt at escaping this dilemma.

Alcohol and drug abuse is another cause of teenage suicide. Many teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol and then become hooked on it. They may also consider substance abuse as a form of escape from bad situations, such as, violence in the family. Substance abuse and mental disorders go hand in hand. It is simply a matter of time before these teenagers are attempting suicide.

Many teenagers’ lives are lost due to suicide. Parents are devastated as they had no idea how it happened and what caused these teenagers to commit suicide. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye out for any of the causes of suicide in order to prevent teenagers from attempting suicide.