The five most reputable social sciences graduate programs

The best social sciences programs in the United States are offered by top-ranked universities. These universities include some that belong to the Ivy League, such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The top five universities per specific social sciences vary, but some are fairly consistent with all their programs. These universities are the ones that made the list of universities offering the five best social sciences programs.

University of California – Berkeley

UC-Berkeley’s social sciences programs have proven themselves to be competitive. The university is able to reach the top five for each program, creating for itself a strong overall social sciences department. Even the institution’s other graduate programs have consistently made it to the top ten of best lists. It prides itself for its community of culturally diverse students.

Yale University

Yale offers doctoral degrees for its social sciences programs. The graduate division of this Ivy League school provides more-than-adequate information to its prospective students regarding its graduate academic programs, the faculty, and specializations. This is to show these interested individuals about what life is really like when pursuing higher education, especially at Yale.

Stanford University

Stanford University has six social sciences departments. These are anthropology, communication, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology. The social sciences department belongs to the largest Stanford school, the school of Humanities and Sciences. This school includes both social and natural sciences. Stanford University has one of the best social sciences graduate programs in the country. Its faculty members come up with significant research in various academic journals.

Harvard University

Harvard’s social sciences department belongs to a large school, the School of Arts and Sciences. Like Stanford, the school includes humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Harvard offers non-degree status to graduate students. This includes the Visiting Fellow status for students who only need to finish their dissertation at Harvard because they have finished their course work at other universities.

Princeton University

Princeton offers a great environment for graduate studies, plus it promotes a healthy professor-student relationship for better learning. The Ivy League school also provides financial support for deserving students who cannot afford the tuition. Princeton offers interdepartmental and joint degrees for students who have many interests.