The Importance of Elections to a Democratic Country

All democratic countries elect a president and Members of Parliament with an election. This is of utmost importance to a country that states that it is a democracy. What is a democracy? A democracy is a government selected by the people of a country. The people elect a governing body to ensure that the country is run smoothly and these elected officials will bring the country prosperity by governing it in the right manner. A democracy was a good idea during the ancient times. For example, Greece was run very well on a democracy where people directly participated in the elections. However, in today’s times, where there are millions of people, in countries, such as, China, Russia, USA and India, elections in a democractic country is a bit of a problem.

The fact that some of these countries are high in popularity is a consideration. However, there are other factors involved too. As there are too many people in the country, everyone wants to be the leader. This factor is a great problem for countries, such as, India. This is the reason representative governments are elected, at regular intervals. India is the largest democracy in the world. It has a huge population and a large area. In this country, government officials are elected for five year terms. Many people participate in the elections. These people select their representatives to Parliament. They also select the representatives to state legislatures. The main goal of all people of India is to elect officials who will look after them, and work to ensure progress, prosperity and unite and keep the integrity of India intact.

The people of India expect their leaders to safeguard not only their interests, but also their rights and freedom. This factor is vital for the people. This is the reason why election plays such an important role in a democratic country. The elections shape their destiny, and the people take their job very seriously. They plan carefully and learn everything they can about their candidate and then elect the one they have the most faith in.

Sometimes, in the developing world, elections can be a bad choice for a democratic country. Elections require the people to be well-educated about the candidates and to have the wisdom to choose the right person to run the country. However, in a democratic country like India this is a sad situation. The majority of the people of India are uneducated. They are poor and ignorant. This provides greedy politicians an advantage. Greedy politicians cash in on the people’s ignorance and gullibility, promise them impossible things and get their vote. This is how many developing countries have leaders who don’t know to run a country. Furthermore, these leaders work only for their benefits, enjoy the power they are given for the term and do nothing about the promises they made to the poor and uneducated people.

Although elections are important to a democratic country, it can work against the people if the people are not educated on the right manner of voting. They need to be educated about their rights and the people who are contesting. However, this will not happen unless a good ruler comes along. This is something that will never happen as countries like India are doomed to elect leaders who work on their gullibility.