Top five most reputable humanities and literature graduate programs

Harvard University

Harvard offers unique humanities programs, including a specific take on the Classics. The humanities sector also provides focus on several cultures, not only providing degrees on European literature, but also providing studies in East Asian, Near Eastern, Tibetan and Himalayan culture and literature. You can also take up a modern area by pursuing a degree in film studies instead, or you can also explore prose and poetry by taking a graduate degree in comparative literature.

University of California – Berkeley

Berkeley’s humanities graduate degrees include broad ones, such as Art degrees. It also offers the Classics, somewhat similar to what Harvard offers. UC-Berkeley offers a wide range of degrees in terms of modernity. For example, notice the contrast of a History of Art degree and an Urban Design degree. The university also offers several language programs, including Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Slavic languages.

Stanford University

Proud of its achievements in world rankings of academic programs, Stanford continues to provide quality graduate education. The departments of core humanities, fine arts, and languages and literature are included in the school of humanities and science. Stanford’s humanities departments include Drama, English, History, and Divisions of Literatures, Cultures and Languages.

Yale University

Yale’s graduate students have an opportunity to participate in the institution’s non-degree programs as well. The university’s humanities and literature degrees include in-depth studies of cultures, such as in African Studies and East Asian studies. It also combines language and literature studies, as is evident in degrees such as Italian Language and Literature, or Slavic Languages and Literature.

Princeton University

Princeton aims to provide its students ample knowledge at a short period of time. So that focus and attention can be given for each student, classes have a limited number of students. Though its humanities and literature graduate programs do not include theology, its graduate programs include near eastern studies.