Why I wish to be a Vegetarian

    More and more people are becoming vegetarians. Even I am considering becoming a vegetarian. You may ask why, when there is an abundance of meat available. Let me tell you why. People become vegetarians for numerous reasons. Some do so for religious beliefs, others do it for health reasons, to promote a healthy environment and to stop the unnecessary and terrible torture of animals etc. I have to say that becoming a vegetarian is starting to look more and more interesting as time passes. If you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian, like I am, this essay will help you decide as it provides you some healthy benefits of being a vegetarian.

    Health wise, a vegetarian diet is the best. Firstly, it prevents heart disease. Eating meat is the worst thing for the heart. Meat is high in cholesterol and the more meat we consume the more cholesterol is deposited in our arteries. Over time, this can lead to heart attacks and coronary artery disease. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. This is because of their high intake of meat. Plus, their diet and lifestyle are not great either. It goes without saying; the mortality rate of vegetarians is lower than those who eat meat. A vegetarian diet has no animal fat which adds cholesterol to the body. But, it does contain all things healthy. It is high in fiber, antioxidants that fight diseases, and vitamins and minerals.

    Many people suffer with weight. The issue of weight is a common problem in many countries. High protein meals are high in fat. If you eat vegetarian, you are eliminating all the unhealthy fats and high carbs from the food. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says 64% adults and 15% children are overweight in the US. Being overweight increases the risk of many illnesses. These include diabetes, strokes etc. A low-fat vegetarian diet keeps the pounds away and makes the task of losing weight easier. A vegetarian diet also ensures consistent weight management. Some vegetables boost metabolism. Eating more of these vegetables can increase weight loss and the long-term management of weight too.

    Osteoporosis is a common problem in women. Men are not immune to this problem either. This causes weak and brittle bones. It does not have any symptoms and a person knows about it only after a fall and a fracture. Osteoporosis occurs due to lack of calcium in the body. Many vegetables are high in calcium and can prevent osteoporosis. For example, eating large helpings of kale, spinach, broccoli, collard greens and turnips are great for preventing osteoporosis. Eating too much meat causes an acidic reaction in the body and calcium is taken from the bones to counteract this process. This will happen if you are non-vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about it as if you eat the right amount of calcium rich vegetables; you are assured of an osteoporosis-free life.

    There are more reasons for becoming a vegetarian. Your plate is more colorful, vegetarian meals are easy to make and can be very cheap. Becoming a vegetarian may be difficult. But, think of the benefits…