Find out how to survive your college

  • It’s Better to Branch Out

Your roommate does not necessarily have to be your best friend. Remember that episode from “Buffy” where she simply coexists with her weird werewolf neighbor? At the same time, it is better to avoid situations shown in Threesome where the guys and the girl turn lovers. It is great if you make friends with your roommate, especially when you attend the same classes, but do not hesitate to find real friends among the rest of your peers. Also, feel confident when asking to switch your neighbor from the college council – it would be better to do it from the very beginning to ease your life and prevent conflicts. Never forget your school friends as well – who knows what fate has prepared for you.

  • Great opportunity to Start Over…

…In case you were a loser. It does not matter if you were treated as a nerd in your high school – glory and fame might be waiting for you in college. Your first love and true friends are here – just come and grab what the college life has for you. I mean, pay attention to the positive moments. After all, you have finally gained what you were waiting for so long. I am talking about freedom. You are lucky if you live on campus. Now you can forget about your parents and any restrictions. You’re as new to everybody around as these guys are to you. But don’t go partying too hard!

  • Mind Your Seat

In case you are not very active, you risk missing a thing. For instance, the right seat. You may argue that there is no right or wrong seat for cheating. Picking a seat is an important stage in determining your buddies for the rest of the Fall or Spring.

  • Leave Relationships for the Better Days

The majority of people do not marry their college boyfriends or girlfriends. College couples usually break up immediately after the graduation. Don’t fool yourself into hoping every guy is “the one.” Thus, there is no reason for falling in love instead of studying hard for the sake of your further career.

  • Choose from the End

Pick the classes from the end of the list to be your first subjects. As soon as you handle them, you can relax for the last 2 or even 3 years. Isn’t it great?

  • Apply Your ID Wherever Possible

Special student discounts and offers can save a plenty of money. Spend your cash smartly by searching for exclusive bonuses from stores like J.Crew or New Yorker.

  • Forget About FaceBook

Well, it does not necessarily mean you have to leave it all behind forever, but Twitter and Instagram are now much popular while LinkedIn will help you with your career. FaceBook has become too much addictive and annoying. Besides, you should dedicate more time to your studies instead of wasting it on your friends’ profiles or silly messages. The same thing is relevant for the online games.

  • It’s All About Safety After All!

Save local car numbers in your cell phone or laptop and keep an emergency stash of the budget somewhere hidden in your pocket in case you get lost when you’re out at night. But more importantly, always try to stick with a friend or your partner!