Graduate student life: reasons for applying as a professor’s research assistant

professor’s research assistant

Becoming a professor’s research assistant is helpful to, and sometimes convenient for, a graduate student. This is because an advanced degree may mean more expenses for you after your college life. However, a full-time job that can finance your graduate studies may not be practical at all. Part-time jobs may be more feasible in the long run, but getting a job outside campus can be very stressful on you, because the commute will add to the stress brought about by completing requirements in graduate school. This is why many graduate students opt for research assistantship.

Assessing compatibility

As a research assistant, you will experience research work that may well be your future. Being exposed to actual research makes you see if you are truly compatible with the kind of work you are aiming for.

Going hands-on

Research work provides hands-on experience. This experience can be used to complement the theoretical concepts discussed in classes. You will benefit from being able to develop research techniques and strategies and to practice research application in relation to your field.

Salary on campus

Again, you will earn a salary conveniently with your position as an on-campus research assistant. You not only earn, you also learn through actual work. Though the stipend may be small, it is better than not earning anything at all.

Reduced rates for non-residents

If you are planning to study in another state, take note that tuition may be higher than if you were a resident. However, if you are a non-resident working as a research assistant, you may be granted the rates of a resident.

Scholarship opportunities

Your interest in the field may just land you a scholarship. If you perform well as a research assistant, professors may view you as an important contributor to the field.  A scholarship will ensure that you will be graduating with an advanced degree so that you can better participate and be a productive practitioner in your field of interest.

Enriched learning

As your professor’s research assistant, you also get to read his or her materials before most people can. You may get additional insight from your readings.