How to Juggle Personal & Studying Life Alright

Studying Life Alright

When in college away from home we sometimes forget which aspects of college life are more important than others. Falling in life on your sophomore year is a piece of cake, but most of time personal life and your academic performance interfere greatly.

How to blend the two in order to succeed in both? How not to lose your head and finish off course after course being able to carve out time for romance and relationships? Here’re a couple of savvy hints to keep in mind.

Be careful with experimenting

While in college, many young academicians tend to go breaking bad. When parents are not watching you other, many temptations come to irresistible to ignore. As a result, academic duties become secondary, which lead to negative consequences in a long run.

Mind your p’s and q’s and enjoy all the merits of independent life on a campus only if your homework is done. In case there’s an exam tomorrow, it’s better you didn’t attend any parties and informal gatherings. Remember, studying is your main priority!

It’s just a crush, not love

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. However, if you feel like losing your marbles because of your crush or fling, you’d better stopped and weighted all the pros and cons of such union.

  • When choosing between going on a date and preparing for a test, always choose the second option
  • If you’re date is angry about such decision, such relationship isn’t to last long
  • Try to date those people sharing same educational goals as yourself
  • Studying together is as good pastime for diligent students as going to a nightclub, if the person is right
  • If your date isn’t supporting your life goals and career choices, there’s lots of fish in the sea anyway

Relationships with the opposite sex must in no way affect your college performance. Remind yourself that’s it’s just a crush. In the real world, true love will help you study better get inspired, not vice versa. But that’s a topic for another article.

Learn to say ‘No’

Liking someone and feeling for someone doesn’t automatically mean you have to adjust to partner’s temper or timetable. Relationship is a thing which works both ways, so if you’re not feeling supported enough, be strong to put an end to such union at once.

After all, don’t be afraid to feel selfish about making college life about yourself. It’s your life and your life choices, so make them wisely and put trust to right people. Saying ‘No’ when it’s needed and ending a relationship first is a sign of will, not weakness.

Don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by breaking up with him or her. Trust this, pretending and lying in a relationship hurts feelings even more. And when someone hurts you emotionally or, God forbid – physically, that’s a straight ‘No’ to any union, romantic of friendly.

True love doesn’t hurt

Otherwise, it’s not love, especially in college. In case your feelings aren’t mutual, it will take you 28 days to break a habit. If takes a too heavy toll on you, rely on friends, family and… studying. Care for one final piece of advice? College love is what helps you study better and overcome academic difficulties in a more adult way, no vice versa. And speaking about crushes and short-time flings, these are never meant to be serious, so treat them accordingly.