Living on campus: The benefits


About to start college? Want to get the most out of this experience? Not sure if you should live on campus or get a much quieter place somewhere off the road? The choice is yours, but before making it, you should consider the following benefits of being a campus student:


Most universities have security squads made of students, who patrol residence halls at night. The best ones are directly in touch with the policy and receive extensive training before start, including first aid, fire prevention and other emergency procedures. They might not fight off a massive armed attack, but they will definitely make sure you get safe and sound to your dorm room.


You can’t possibly hope to feel the engagement of the academic life while staying away from it. College staff members are obliged to provide necessary assistance and support to students, while the community, in general, is a great source of learning. In other words, you can always have the help you need without going far to get it.


While everyone has a laptop and a few more gadgets now, university labs are still much better equipped when it comes to academic needs. While living on campus, you will have an easy access to all the means to achieve your learning goals.


Student food plans are a great way to save money and avoid all the fuss of cooking. Usually, there are various options available depending on your budget; all of them, however, for campus residents.

Internet access

It is easy to overlook the costs of Internet access when you rent your first out of campus apartment, but you will understand what you’re missing once you get your first bill. Universities provide not only low-cost access to the network but also have internal networks where you can get information without being charged at all. And we are talking about all kinds of content, not only academic.

Transportation services

Represented mainly with buses, campus transport means are a quick and easy way to get to your destination point. The routes are multiple and cover the entire campus territory.

Employment opportunities

If you are willing to earn some extra money without engaging in the work not related to your college and community, you will find campus employment options quite diverse and multiple. No matter whether you prefer to be on a security squad or to do some receptionist’s work, you will have a chance to make money without going far.

Lease opportunities

You will find it much easier to find things for sale and lease on campus. These include refrigerators, microwave ovens, other utilities and so on. The price also tends to be lower than in out-of-campus locations.

To sum up, leaving on campus is a great chance to immerse into student life and get firsthand experience of being a part of the community. You will have time to think about other options later – especially if you decide to go to a graduate school. The first few years are for fun and engagement, which are ubiquitous on campus.