One essay writing hint many forget

One essay writing hint many forget

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Spending a couple of evenings in a row writing a proper essay. Three to five hours spent proofreading the draft until your eyes turned red. High expectations when turning a paper in and…

…total aggravation when having the results back.

A- might’ve made you disappointed. B might’ve made you angry. B- or even C might’ve made you dead inside. No matter how hard you tried, the final score was disappointing.

How many times the table turned for you like that? Hundreds of, no doubt. And did you manage to locate the source of the problem?

No, it’s not your writing style. No, it’s not your lack of attention when self-editing the manuscript. No, it’s not your neglecting of deadlines.

In fact, it’s your neglecting of the target audience of an essay.

Target audience? Whom do you think I am – a sales copywriter?

No, but you should’ve! The truth is, no matter how good your piece is, you won’t get A+ if you don’t make the paper appealing to your teacher or lecturer.

Given the assignment is done up to the mark in terms of research, content quality and timing, it’s this ‘appealing effect’ that makes the difference. That sorts out B+ and A- papers from straight A and A+ ones.

Once again, why appealing personally to a writing instructor pays off? Because no matter how hard you try, truth can’t be hidden – teachers are subjective. Although they try to keep it objective, after looking through something like 20 papers the essence of objectiveness fades away. In the end, if a teacher personally likes a paper, she praises it with an A. Therefore, you should always take in mind personality of your teacher and look up suitable persuasive devices beforehand.

5 tips to appeal to a teacher with your paper

  • Try to study personality of a lecturer during class lessons, seminars, lecturers and group or personal writing meetings
  • Based on gathered knowledge and assignment at hand, pick those aspects and likes of a person you can appeal to in the framework of a paper
  • When choosing reference sources to use, pick those literary materials you know are enjoyed by a teacher and featured in her list of favorites
  • If you know there’s a certain subject area or personality, or whatever your teacher prefers, in particular, make sure to write an essay about it, if it fits in what’s required in the assignment
  • Attend as many writing consultations as you can to study most elusive teacher’s personality secrets to use them to your advantage

No need to be Psychology Master, through

General knowledge is usually well enough to suit your course. Seeing through lecturer’s soul or becoming friends isn’t needed at all. Just be attentive and watchful, grab what lies on top and amend the sails of your paper to follow to where the wind blows. After all, it’s slight play up you’re looking for not straightforward flattery.