Privileges enjoyed by members of an honor society

honor society

Honor societies are not formed to establish social status, but they are formed to celebrate the achievements and enrich the academic lives of its members. Though such societies may have Greek names, they are not equivalent to a fraternity or a sorority. An honor society’s goals go beyond partying and other social activities. Here are a few privileges enjoyed by members of honor societies.

Sense of accomplishment

Being merely invited to an honor society confirms your status as an achiever. So, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you are confirmed as an honor society member. It is a recognition of your past achievements and an opportunity to continue on the same stance.

Resume add-on

Being a member of an honor society helps you improve the weight of your resume. This is especially true if you have just graduated and are still planning to get a good-paying job. Though an honor society provides the additional benefit of not being involved in many time-consuming activities, you must still show some effort in contributing to the group. If not, the resume inclusion is quite empty and superficial.

Added educational information

Honor societies provide their members helpful information regarding the members’ majors. The members are able to make the most of their chosen degrees and of their possible careers after graduation. The interaction among members of the honor society lets one see the many options available to him or her after obtaining that graduate diploma.


Because honor societies aim to make people interested in different degrees, school papers per department are published. This is to psyche students up about their career choice or to encourage prospective students. Usually, these department ask for the help of honor societies in their publications. Thus, honor society members are able to hone their craft as writers for these publications.

Career advancement

Career and degree advisement provide society members with proper training in professionalism and ethics. This will help them do well after graduation through being able to shift comfortably from school to the working arena.


Membership in honor societies do not only link students within the same university. The students are also linked through a national network of colleagues. Not only are the members able to participate in their school’s learning community, but they also interact within a wider region as well.