Top 5 most prestigious graduate school programs in USA

prestigious graduate school

Rankings of business schools and graduate school programs can be quite controversial and trifling. To date, there is no single authoritative body that ranks graduate school programs in the US. Different organizations and institutions employ different methodologies in gathering and analyzing their data, which consequently yield varying results. The methodologies used are often based on certain criteria, like tuition amount or fees and number of enrollees.

Another factor that makes ranking compilations problematic is that the ranking results published by magazines and organizations are often disaggregated into different fields of study. The university that offers the best computer and engineering graduate school programs may rank quite low in their business and medical programs. So to make things easier, here is a compilation that lists five oft-cited top graduate school programs in the US (in no particular order) according to different academic disciplines.

Top five graduate school programs: Computer and Engineering

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. University of California – Berkeley
  3. Schulich School of Engineering of Stanford University
  4. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC or U of I)
  5. California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

Top five graduate school programs: Business and Administration

1. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management
3. Harvard University – Harvard Business School (HBS)
4. Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University
5. Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Top five graduate school programs: Law

  1. Yale University Law School
  2. Harvard University Law School
  3. New York University School of Law
  4. Stanford University Law School
  5. Columbia University Law School

Top five graduate school programs: Medicine

  1. Harvard University Medical School
  2. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  3. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
  4. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  5. University of California – San Francisco School of Medicine

The medical school rankings results published by US News and World Report were arrived at by combining two criteria; the research and primary care facilities and programs of medical schools. As for business school rankings, results are often disaggregated into varying types of MBA programs: full-time, executive, dual, part-time, online, etc.

As you will see on the lists above, Harvard University and Stanford University are among the top universities that offer prestigious programs in various fields. Their excellence in diverse disciplines is one of the reasons why they remain as two of the most exclusive Ivy League schools in the US. Harvard and Stanford are known for their highly selective admission procedures and criteria, and have alumni rosters that boast of Nobel Prize winners, politicians, CEOs, Pulitzer Prize winners, and personalities who are recognized in their respective industries.

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