Topics for the immigration thesis

immigration thesis

Immigration is a shocking topic for many people. On the one hand, there are those who argue that countries should be open to those who bring valuable skills and education. On the other hand, some people argue that too much immigration can provoke social tensions. There are many possible thesis topics related to immigration, most of which are guaranteed to be somewhat controversial.

The main determination behind immigration is the economy. People who leave their countries of origin because of the risk of being persecuted are refugees, not immigrants. Generally, immigrants come in search of economic opportunities, although the family is another of the main reasons. The issue of economic costs and benefits associated with immigration is a possibility to do thesis work, especially since modern immigration policy is aimed at finding workers. Economic incentives for immigration is another possible issue. A thesis on this topic could examine reasons such as poverty or inequality, people want to leave their countries of origin and start a new life.

Immigration often becomes a politically charged issue. In some countries, the established population should not compete with immigrants for jobs. In other countries, some might fear that the untested immigrant population may contribute to crime or social discord. Many people feel that in the United States the government does not do enough to enforce immigration laws. Immigrants, on the other hand, sometimes feel that the established population is partial or prejudiced against them. The relationship between natives movements and illegal immigration is a potential issue due to illegal immigration that tends to lead to a significant reaction. The dynamics among legal immigrants is another interesting topic, as the Pew Research Center found that many legal immigrants have concerns about illegal immigration.

Immigration is of interest to sociologists. In the United States, a country with immigrants from around the world, the vast majority of the second generation immigrant population speaks English rather than the language of their home country. In some European countries, there has been less success in getting immigrant populations to adopt local cultural norms. The sociology of multiculturalism and assimilation provide many themes for a thesis on immigration. Linguistic assimilation in the world is a topic with potential, especially as levels of assimilation vary from country to country. Cultural tensions between groups of immigrants and other native groups in Europe are another topic with potential for research, since European immigrants often have different linguistic and religious backgrounds from the native population.

Immigration law determines the role of immigrants in society. For legal immigrants, factors such as family, employment, and criminal history determine an individual’s ability to move to a new country. For illegal immigrants, enforcement of immigration laws determines if it is possible to find work. The issue of immigration law could be used for a thesis on immigration, as levels of compliance vary from state to state and country to country. The issue of immigration quotas also has potential for research because many countries are desperate for immigrants with highly specialized skills.