What is Plagiarism and How can it be Prevented?

What is Plagiarism and How can it be Prevented?

Plagiarizing documents has become quite common in academic organizations. Many students use others’ works and submit them as their own. Sometimes, they do it intentionally, while other times they are unaware that they are doing so. Many students plagiarize because they are too lazy to spend the time necessary doing their assignments. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas, research, language or writing. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. If found out, students can be expelled from school. The age of technology has made plagiarism extremely easy for students. This essay concentrates on the prevention of plagiarism.

As mentioned, lots of students have no idea what plagiarism is. Ignorance can sometimes be quite damaging to the student. The best way of preventing plagiarism is to make these students understand what plagiarism is and the repercussions of being found out. Most of the time, plagiarism is unintentional. For example, if a student uses a source to back his or her claims as evidence and does not cite the source, this is considered as plagiarism. However, sometimes, this can be because the student forgot to cite the source or simply because he or she just had no idea. Therefore, preventing plagiarism begins with educating students on the types of plagiarism and the repercussions. Teachers should always stress on the importance of uniqueness and originality. They should always point out that plagiarising will lose marks.

Apart from lack of knowledge, regarding plagiarism, students also plagiarize because they don’t have the time. Many students lack time management skills. They also lack the ability to write adequately. These students are unable to plan their lives and academic work according to a schedule and find themselves unable to submit a paper at the last minute. Then, this causes them to plagiarise. Students who lack proper writing skills are often not aware that teachers are available to assist them with any problems they may have. Plus, they may feel embarrassed to inform the teachers about their lack of abilities. Teachers should always encourage students to approach them about their work and encourage them to do so, at all times.

Plagiarism can also be prevented by letting students know that teachers are aware of what goes on. Teachers should make students know, at once, if they plagiarise in small manners. This can prevent large-scale plagiarising. Teachers should have anti-plagiarism software installed in their PCs that will help detect any plagiarism. Teachers should also inform students that they possess plagiarism software. This will discourage students from plagiarising.

Plagiarism is a very big deal. It should be considered as extremely serious if a student is found plagiarising. If plagiarism is ignored or treated as something unimportant, these students will go on to commit various academic crimes in the future. Therefore, students who are considering plagiarising should somehow try to avoid this temptation. It is very easy to submit another person’s work as your own. But, it is definitely not ethical.

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